Christmas Appeal 2020

Christmas Appeal 2020

This year, Coastal Physiotherapy has partnered with local organisation, Life Care, for our Christmas Appeal.  Life Care is based right here in Maroochydore and is a community Church organisation devoted to helping the under-privileged.  Their vision is to relieve the effects of homelessness, poverty and isolation across the Sunshine Coast. Life Care run an Op-Shop to raise funds for disadvantaged people, but they are much more than this.  They have established a safe place for our local homeless people to have a moment of relief; there is a free tea-house (coffee/tea/muffins) for nutrition, a safe place to catch up on some sleep with some loungers in their back patio area and a gold coin donation for food and toiletries from their community food pantry.  If people cannot afford an outfit for a job interview, Life Care will provide one free of charge. If you can help, we would like to […]

What are “Shin Splints””

Shin splints are a common exercise-related problem. The term “shin splints” refers to pain along the inner edge of the shinbone (tibia). Shin splints typically develop after physical activity and are often associated with running. Any vigorous sports activity can bring on shin splints, particularly if you are just starting a fitness program. Simple measures can relieve the pain of shin splints – rest, ice, and stretching often help. Taking care not to overdo your exercise routine will help prevent and resolve shin splints, as well as addressing any biomechanical issues in your sporting technique. Description Shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome) involve inflammation of the muscles, tendons, and bone tissue around your tibia. Pain typically occurs along the inner border of the tibia, where muscles attach to the bone.


Our physiotherapists maintain close partnerships with doctors and other allied health professionals as well as other key stakeholders, to ensure a smooth progression in maximising an individual’s recovery from illness or injury. Coastal Work & Rehabilitation Solutions (CWRS) Coastal Physiotherapy’s rehabilitation arm is Coastal Work & Rehabilitation Solutions (CWRS) (31-33 Plaza Parade, Maroochydore). CWRS offers full occupational therapy services, exercise physiology services, and workplace injury prevention, and management programs. Please visit to obtain a full list of services. If specific treatment needs are identified for our Coastal Physiotherapy clients we will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team with the experienced Occupational Therapists, Rehabiliation Consultants, Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellors, Psychologists  at CWRS. CWRS performs the majority of our services at workplaces or other community locations. Specific assessments that require specialised equipment or private meeting rooms (such as Functional Capacity Evaluations and assessments related to vocational services) are held at the […]

Being in the right place at the right time

When I first qualified as a physiotherapist in 1996 I thought I was going to heal the world! Like most people who become therapists I wanted a profession where I could help people and I was introduced to the work of physiotherapists through my sporting background. In my early years as a newly qualified physio I was getting most patients better, but not as many as I would like and often not as quickly as I would hope. As my years as a physio progressed I found I was losing enthusiasm with my career. I didn’t just want to make a difference, I wanted to make a real difference. It was in 2003 that I moved to Canada and began working at Barrie Sports Medicine in Ontario. Spread over three clinic sites with over a dozen physiotherapists the clinic is run by the highly driven and focused Rick and Tamara […]

The real cause of ‘Low Back Pain’

CT scanning was introduced in the 1970s and the first MRI scans were performed medically in the early 1980s. At that time it was hoped they would revolutionise the management of low back pain. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and despite this new insight in to the painful lower back, low back pain remains the second most common reason for time off work and visits to the GP after colds and flu, and statistics suggest 80% of people will suffer low back pain during their lifetime. The intervertebral discs were commonly thought of as a major reason for pain in the lower back. This suspicion was heightened when radiological investigations started showing a prevalence of degenerative discs and disc protrusions in patients (research results show present in between 60 and 90% of those examined). That thought was maintained until researchers started performing MRI scans on asymptomatic people with startling results. In […]

Anyone for golf?

One of the most important factors in improved performance and reduced risk of injury in any sport is technique. Many overuse injuries are attributed to doing repetitive actions with poor technique. This can cause excessive stress to be applied to particular joints or muscles which can contribute to an injury developing. Over time, symptoms of injuries caused by poor technique can worsen if technical faults are not addressed and could lead to a more serious condition. Injuries are not the only by-product of poor technique – performance levels will also be decreased by bad technique as this will prevent optimum strength, power and speed in the particular movement or shot. When we think about dealing with issues of technique the first thought is often to seek out a coach to address these problems. Whilst the role of the coach is invaluable in teaching correct sporting technique, maybe the first point […]

Plantar Fasciitis

In our latest blog, we hope to provide an understanding of a common complaint which we see regularly in clinic at Coastal Physiotherapy – Plantar Fasciitis Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of pain on the bottom of the heel. Plantar fasciitis occurs when the strong band of tissue that supports the arch of your foot becomes irritated and inflamed. Anatomy The plantar fascia is a structure that runs from the front of the heel bone (calcaneus) to the ball of the foot. This dense strip of tissue helps support the arch of the foot by acting something like the string on an archer’s bow. As you can imagine, when the foot is on the ground a tremendous amount of force (the full weight of the body) is concentrated on the plantar fascia. This force stretches the plantar fascia as the arch of the foot tries to flatten from […]

Fit 4 Sports Series

Fit 4 Golf Coastal Physiotherapy is proud to announce the introduction of the innovative Fit 4 Golf program providing a new way to improve your golf fitness and ensure the longevity of your game. This program is a first for the Sunshine Coast and has been developed by our Principal Physiotherapist at Coastal Physiotherapy. Download Fit4Golf brochure here. Fit 4 Running Programs Coastal Physiotherapy now offers Fit 4 Running plans for long distance running, triathlon and ironman athletes of all abilities. We can help you to get across the finish line. We can also provide full physical and biomechanical assessment to discover cause of pain and reduce the risk of injury when training. More information here. Or download Fit 4 Running information.

New Year’s Resolution – Get “Fit 4 Running”

So as another year draws to a close, and once the chaos and excess of Christmas has passed, many of us will start to turn our thoughts to a new year and a new beginning through a New Year resolution. These often focus on improving our health through diet or exercise but how successful are they? A 2007 study by Richard Wiseman at the University of Bristol involving 3,000 people found 88% of those who set New Year’s resolutions failed.