• Physiotherapist giving trreatment to woman

Coastal Physiotherapy employs a team of experienced Physiotherapists in it’s Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast practice.

Our physiotherapists aim to restore maximum movement and functional ability following injury, disability or illness.

Every appointment is 30 minutes duration in a private consultation room.  Your therapist will initially spend time asking you questions and performing some diagnostic tests to accurately assess and diagnose your problem area.  You can expect to receive treatment as part of your initial assessment, with the provision of a home exercise program. Your physiotherapist will then tailor a treatment approach that best suits your needs, and may include the following techniques:

Physiotherapists Coastal Physiotherapy specialises in Soft Tissue Release. Watch Paul Marshall, Principal Physiotherapist discuss Soft Tissue Release

Manual Therapy

The emphasis of our clinical approach is manual therapy – treatment performed with the hands. We believe “hands-on” techniques provide the most effective and long lasting relief from pain and injury. Manual therapy techniques include joint mobilisation, manipulation, soft tissue massage and soft tissue release.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise is important to progressing your recovery. Your Physiotherapist will assess the specific exercises required to meet your clinical needs. These can include strengthening, stretching, balance, core stability and cardiovascular (fitness) exercises, Hydrotherapy, Pilates or Training Programs.


Dry Needling

Dry needling is a term that differentiates the use of needling in a western medicine paradigm from the use of needling under chinese medicine philosophies (referred to as acupuncture). Dry needling involves the application of needles to altered or dysfunctional soft tissue in order to improve or restore normal function.