Our physiotherapists maintain close partnerships with doctors and other allied health professionals as well as other key stakeholders, to ensure a smooth progression in maximising an individual’s recovery from illness or injury. Coastal Work & Rehabilitation Solutions (CWRS) Coastal Physiotherapy’s rehabilitation arm is Coastal Work & Rehabilitation Solutions (CWRS) (31-33 Plaza Parade, Maroochydore). CWRS offers full occupational therapy services, exercise physiology services, and workplace injury prevention, and management programs. Please visit www.cwrs.com.au to obtain a full list of services. If specific treatment needs are identified for our Coastal Physiotherapy clients we will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team with the experienced Occupational Therapists, Rehabiliation Consultants, Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellors, Psychologists  at CWRS. CWRS performs the majority of our services at workplaces or other community locations. Specific assessments that require specialised equipment or private meeting rooms (such as Functional Capacity Evaluations and assessments related to vocational services) are held at the […]