Fit 4 Golf

Coastal Physiotherapy in Maroochydore on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast has developed a Fit 4 Golf program for golfers of all abilities.

Fit 4 Golf is an innovative health and wellness program for golfers.  This program is a first for the Sunshine Coast and has been developed by our Principal Physiotherapist, Paul Marshall, at Coastal Physiotherapy. Download Fit4 Golf Brochure here.

What is Fit 4 Golf?

  1. A new way to improve your golf fitness and ensure the longevity of your game.
  2. A tool to ensure you can play and practice longer without your swing breaking down.
  3. A proactive approach to the management of preventable conditions.
  4. Fit 4 Golf is a 4 step golf specific physical assessment and rehabilitation program, tailored to your needs by an experienced physiotherapist.

“The program has resulted in pain free golf, with no need for pain killers.  I have also been very pleasantly surprised with the increased flexibility” Testimonial by S.E. (Fit 4 Golf participant)

Did you know?

  1. The lower your handicap, the higher your injury rate.
  2. Male golfers have more back injuries, while female golfers have more elbow/wrist/hand injuries.
  3. On average, each chronic injury causes golfers to lose five weeks of playing time.
  4. Mature players are more likely to be injured while playing golf.

How will you benefit?

  1. Early detection on the cause of your aches and pain.
  2. Learn specific stretches and strengthening exercises to protect high risk injury areas.
  3. Tailored treatment offered to correct muscle or joint imbalances.
  4. Increased flexibility can improve your swing and thereby reduce your handicap!
  5. Improved enjoyment on the golf course.
  6. Remember: without sufficient muscle and joint flexibility, it will be hard to improve your golf, even with professional lessons!

Fit 4 Golf  fee:  $150 (health fund rebates may apply)

Fit 4 Golf bookings must be made via reception on 5443 6634. Please do not use our online booking as these assessments require extra time which is not allocated in the online system.

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