Fit 4 Running

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Coastal Physiotherapy, located in Maroochydore in the heart of the Sunshine Coast now offers Fit 4 Running programs.  Paul Marshall, our Principal Physiotherapist, has more than two decades of long distance running experience.   He has utilised his expertise to develop Fit 4 Running, suitable for both experienced and beginner runners.

Is this you?

  • Would you like to enter a running event or triathlon, but feel you wouldn’t be able to finish?
  • Have you hit a barrier in your running training?
  • Do you struggle to run due to a niggling injury or painful area?

Then Fit 4 Running is for you! Did you know that up to 70% of runners sustain overuse injuries in any 12 month period.  Fit 4 Running is a combination of assessments tailored to your needs by an experienced Physiotherapist to help you overcome your barriers to injury free and enjoyable running.

You can choose to participate in individual stages only, or purchase the complete package for the best value.  Fit 4 Running includes:

  • Biomechanical assessment: assess joint movement, muscle strength, co-ordination, balance and the flexibility needed for an efficient running style
  • Treatment: improve your assessed areas of tightness or weakness
  • Running technique assessment: video analysis of your running style, and drills for correction of technique
  • Training program: designed to help you meet your individual running goals.  Overuse injuries as a result of training errors are more common than acute injuries.


Full package

  1. Training program
  2. Biomechanical assessment
  3. Running technique assessment
  4. Phone review every 4 weeks
  5. Re-assessment

Full package cost: Marathon or ½ marathon $375.00 or 10km/5km $350.00

Express Start Package

  1. Biomechanical Assessment
  2. Running technique assessment
  3. Training program (refer to training program for details in relation to this package).

Cost for express start package inclusions: Marathon or ½ marathon $275.00 or 10km/5km $250.00

Individual Fit 4 running programs

  1. Biomechanical Assessment $80
  2. Running Technique Assessment $80

Video Physio Paul Marshall at 2013 Port MacQuarie Ironman.