What Our Patients Say About – SOFT TISSUE RELEASE

“Coastal Physiotherapy has been such a relief in more ways than one. First there are the results from the treatment itself, I am amazed at the improvement and how quickly it comes, the Soft Tissue Release method is fantastic. Then there is the friendly team, the on time appointments, the gentle reminders and overall professional organisation. Now I have friends and family members converted too, thank you for looking after us all! “

Rebecca Ramsay

“I put up with knee and hip pain for months when I was training for last years half marathon. I stretched regularly and thought it would just go away in time. It didn’t. I was talked into seeing a Physiotherapist at the time that I was going to quit. I was amazed at what was able to be achieved with the soft tissue technique. After months of pain I was better within only 2 sessions. AND I completed the half marathon. Thank-you!”

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“Well done Coastal Physiotherapy! For some 30 years I have suffered a mild ( L ) side sciatica and have visited numerous other specialists both here and overseas on average every 4 weeks during that period without actually identifying the cause. Following a short physio program with Paul from Coastal the cause was identified on the first consultation and now with a few simple daily exercises at home I am pain free. Thank you Paul. “

Rob (Alex Headland)

“I have for many years visited specialists and doctors as I am of slight build, and after sporting and work related injuries which caused tendons in my shoulder to tear and become in-operable all of these professional people offered no relief to my problem. This caused me a lot of pain and medication and difficulty sleeping on my side. After a few visits to Paul I am now able to ride my push-bike again and sleep in any position without medication. I would recommend Paul and his staff to anyone who has need of pain relief. “

Lloyd Powell

What Our Patients Say About – FITNESS PROGRAMS

I was struggling to compete in my first Olympic Distance Triathlon (Noosa) last year. When I finally decided to get some professional help, I was amazed at the difference it made to my motivation, just having someone to structure the sessions for me. The training was hard work, and at times I cursed Paul for making me work so hard. But I can tell you I had nothing but praise for him when I was in the middle of the race, amazed that I was able to complete it!!

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What Our Patients Say About – REHAB

“I am so happy and grateful with the service provided by Coastal Physiotherapy. You guys are awesome. The fact that Nicole, as Occupational Therapist and Paul as Physiotherapist, are both treating the same patient is a winning combination. Your service has been exemplary on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds all other physiotherapists I have dealt with. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble for either of you and I am made to feel unique at all times. I would highly recommend Coastal Physiotherapy”.

Dirk Hoffman

What Our Patients Say About – FIT 4 GOLF

The program has resulted in pain free golf without the need for pain killers!  I have also been very pleasantly surprised with the increased flexibility.  Highly recommend.

S. Eggins

What Our Patients Say About – REMEDIAL MASSAGE THERAPY

Veronica was excellent! The massage was deep enough to really feel a physical result, but more importantly I left feeling “un-wound”, de-stressed and relaxed.  Highly recommend.

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Amazing service.  My massage with Janet was amazing and all the staff were very friendly.  Will definitely be back.

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