Soft Tissue Release

At Coastal Physiotherapy we are able to provide structured training programs to help you get in the best physical condition for your desired event. Our training programs are are designed for runners or triathletes off all abilities from beginners to more experience athletes looking for more structure and guidance in their training.

All programs are individually created based on your event distance, training goals, and time commited to training. Our Principal Physiotherapist, Paul Marshall, has over two decades of experience as a long distance runner and more recently triathlons, including Ironman. He is able to apply his clinical knowledge as a physiotherapist to ensure your training is undertaken with maximum physical benefits and reduced risk of injury. Then as a self-coached athlete he is able to utilise his personal training experiences to provide a program of varied and challenging sessions to help you realise your physical potential and achieve your fitness goals.

Price of programs is available on request.