COVID-19 Update

We are open for Physiotherapy and Massage services

Unfortunately, in line with Federal Government instructions we have temporarily ceased our hydrotherapy. However, after advocacy by the massage associations, remedial massage has been added to the list of essential services and recommenced on 23rd April.

Coastal Physiotherapy wishes to offer reassurance to patients that we are doing everything possible to maintain the health and well-being of those visiting the clinic:

• We are screening all new patients when booking appointments to ensure they have not been in close contact with a known COVID-19 case. This is being done even with our online bookings. We are also not offering services to anyone feeling unwell, irrespective of symptoms

• As per our normal protocol, our therapists are washing their hands between each appointment and more regularly if they feel warranted

• We offer hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser for patient use

• All hard contact surfaces are cleaned between each patient and the other clinic areas are cleaned regularly through the day

• All our staff have completed the Federal Government’s COVID-19 infection control training module

• Changes have been made to our reception areas and treatment spaces in light of social distancing advice

• We are able to offer consultation via video conferencing (telehealth) for anyone in self-isolation or unwilling to attend the clinic in person (please call reception for more information)

The current uncertainty is a challenge for everyone. We hope that should you require physiotherapy or remedial massage, we can provide you with the understanding that we are endeavoring to maintain a safe and clean environment for your visit.